Simple Tip for Free Additional Google Email Addresses

If you're already paying for Google Workspace, this will show you how to setup 'alias' email addresses.
Nate Estes
May 12, 2021
Google Logo in neon sign

One thing I love about my job is finding affordable IT solutions for small businesses. These are typically really small businesses that are either just starting out or are just small operations.

I was talking to a client the other day and they told me that they were paying Google almost $80 per month for their email addresses. This is a big expense for them since their operation is so small. One problem here is that I assumed they knew how to do what I am going to show you.

Now, I have one email address in Google Workspace that I pay for and about 6 others that I set up as alias emails. Emails like support@... and info@... etc. You get the idea. Each email address you pay for through Google can have up to 30 alias emails. This allows for some decent flexibility and options to save money if you are a small business.

What you need to take advantage of this:
A Google Workspace account. You can set one up here. I don't get any money from this link, I'm just trying to share money saving tips. A Google Workspace account allows you to use the familiar 'Gmail' dashboard with your email address at your custom domain. For example,


1. Go to
2. Sign in to your google workspace account
3. Select 'Users' in your dashboard. (It is on the upper left as of this post)
4. Select the user you want to add an alias email for
5. Select 'User Information' (second section from the top)
6. Select 'Alternate email addresses'
7. Add the alternate email(s) of your choice


This is only for Google Workspace - formerly known as 'G-Suite'.  You still have to sign in with your primary Google email, not one of your newly created alias emails. And, important to remember, all email to your primary email and all of your alias emails, will land in your primary email inbox. These emails will be labelled and you will be able to see which alias email they were sent to.

I hope you have found this helpful. Please feel free to link to it and share it if you would like.



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