this is what i do

Your digital presence is more than just your website - it is all of these working together.

Web Design

I design you a website that looks good on any screen and I incorporate your content and brand style into the website. A website isn't any good if search engines cant find it, so I optimize it to be found by future customers. If you want to sell items outside your local area you'll want an ecommerce site, which, of course, I can do for you as well or I wouldn't mention it.

  • A website with your content and brand in mind
  • Your site will be optimized for search engine ranking and results (SEO)
  • E-commerce sites
  • Already have a site? I can improve and maintain existing sites as well.
  • I can design you a site in Spanish or translate an existing site to/from spanish


I use webflow to host your site which is an all-in-one hosting package that offers the following:

  • Completely managed solution so you don't have to worry about the details
  • SSL, backups and everything else you need in one package
  • Client login available for editing
  • Loads fast anywhere in the world

Digital Marketing

There is a gap between your awesome business and your customers - digital marketing is the bridge to reach them and get them to you

  • Advertising on major platforms such as google and bing
  • Spend what you are comfortable with
  • Accountability - I report to you how your money is being spent

Social Media

Social media is where your customers are.

  • I can build and manage your business page on your social media platform(s) of choice
  • Advertising on social media platforms is an effective strategy to reach your target audience
  • People check social media more than you think - your business should have a positive presence there
  • Accountability - I report to you how effective our efforts are and you always have control how your budget is spent

Business Listings

The less sexy step-sibling of your digital presence - but still necessary

  • I'll manage your business listings on multiple platforms - you choose
  • Business listing sites such as yelp, google maps, bing and more bring people to your business
  • You build brand awareness as you expand and complete your digital presence
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